About Me

Hello, my name is Joe. I was born and raised in Normal, IL. No, it is not weird there, and yes, it is quite Normal. Now that we have that out of the way I want to talk about something more current, where I am today, we’ll today as in this general time of 2021, I suppose I could say “I currently live”, but now I’ve just missed that beat… anyway, I currently live in Brooklyn, NY. More specifically, I live in the charming neighborhood of Fort Greene.


Things I Like

I work in fashion (kind of) as the Director of Marketing for Koio, a modern-luxury, Italian-made, casual-sneaker brand. That’s enough hyphens for today. I also keep myself busy with hobbies, some of them include watching movies, visiting museums, traveling to random parts of the world like Oracle, AZ, playing and watching Basketball (mostly NBA games), sketch comedy (I might be the only millennial who watches SNL regularly), trying new restaurants, good design (I know this is broad but I bet you might say the same about you?), men’s fashion, airplanes (random but my dad was a pilot, my brother works in aviation, my sister is a flight attendant… now I sound like Marissa Tome in My Cousin Vinny), anyway… I also like theater and musicals, interior design, startups, space/rockets/space x… really anything Elon Musk talks about.


About This Website

I really tried to make this one, or two, or even a few things, but the reality is I just like too many different things. So, this website is about me and all the different things I like. I’m what you would call an expert generalist. I know a little about a lot of things. Call it being a Gemini / 9 on the enneagram scale… I just call it being Joe from Normal… see what I did there 🙂

So, if you’re into some of the things I’m into, maybe you’ll be interested? If not, totally cool, we can’t all be friends with everyone, that’s just too many people and we don’t even all speak the same language.

I’ll post random things at random moments… I guess I could just post on Instagram, or Twitter, or Facebook, but that just doesn’t seem as compelling or cool to me. JoeFromNormal.com seems more my speed 🙂

Well, if you’ve made it this far you’re either my Mom (hi mom) my girlfriend, actually scratch that, she would never get this far, so really this is just for my Mom (hi mom again), but, if for the off chance you are not my mom, thanks for reading, and if there is something you would want to see on JoeFromNormal.com, just give me a shout!