Focus (what’s your In-N-Out Burger?)

Achieving hard things is hard. The process includes long periods of failures followed by iterations that improve. Eventually, more often than not, you will have success — if you focus.

Focusing is easier said than done, especially in 2023, for reasons we all understand, but it’s not impossible. Focus takes daily practice. I think this is why we struggle with focus so much. We think it’s a mindset that can come and go. Wrong. If you aspire to achieve the hard things, focus needs to be part of your identity, and you need to be relentless in this aspect.

An example, my favorite organization with a 10/10 focus is the restaurant chain In-N-Out. Burgers. Shakes. Fries. Same brick-and-mortar layout. West-coast only. You wear this, like this, period. No shamrock shakes, no having it your way. Put another way, In-N-Out has specific rules and regulations that make it easy to say “no.” No, that does not fit the focus of In-N-Out. Now, back to optimizing our simple (focused) menu, A.K.A., what we do best.

What’s your In-N-Out?