My vanity is getting in the way of growth

I’m a people pleaser. I’m midwest nice. I’m an INFP. So much so it’s getting in the way of growth. Professionally and personally. I care more about making others feel at ease with their ideas and not rocking the boat than being objective and honest about that thing that will drive growth. My desire and pride in pleasing others and having others like me is a form of vanity getting in the way of growth. Does this mean I need to turn into a hardass? No, not all of the time. But sometimes 🙂 When do I flip the switch? When do I sacrifice people-pleasing for growth? When do you do it?

As I re-read the paragraph above, I can’t help but think of the meme from The Devil Wears Prada, “Floras? For spring? Groundbreaking.” However, the more I reflect on my personality being vanity-related the more it hits me. Perspective is powerful. This new perspective will empower me and help me understand when to flip that switch… bitch 😉