The customer is always right? Wrong

Allow me to let the cat out of the bag. The saying “the customer is always right” is dead. It should have never been a thing — props to the customer lobbyist who made this happen. The assumption that every customer is always right is a gross miscalculation. Businesses and brands have been bending over backward for decades now, catering to every need of the customer. Free shipping, free returns, free next-day delivery, being there for them 24/7 with a professional customer service person and not an Ai chat robot, the list continues to grow.

The reality is that every customer does not deserve us to bend over backward for them. It’s just that some customers are sometimes right. The challenge is identifying who those customers are and understanding when they are right. Your time is valuable. Spend your time with people that bring you value. Find those people and spend more time with them. It sounds like a relationship, right? And in all good relationships, there is a healthy give and take. Don’t let your customers take, and take, and take.