Building a brand that endures starts with a hard question: How do you want your customers to position your brand in their minds?

Said another way, who are you? What do you want to say? What is your unique point of view? Many brands struggle with these questions. I get it; they are challenging. We can barely answer these questions for ourselves. What makes us think we can get together with a team and answer them? Understanding your brand’s positioning is equally important as understanding your brand’s vision.

What is your unique point of view? This is the question I stress with any brand I work with, pushing them to refine their answer and be as specific as possible. Price, materials, being a first-market mover, or jumping on a trend — these points of view can work in the short term, but I am interested in long-lasting brands. Brands that can build staying power in people’s minds. Brands that can construct temples in people’s minds. Apple, Nike, and Disney are all temple builders. As a business, you might want to be a monopoly. As a brand, you aim to be a temple in your customers’ minds.

When building a brand, these are the stakes we are working with. You cannot build a temple on price, materials, or a trend; you need deeper roots. These roots grow from who you are and what your unique point of view is. Ask yourself the hard question, and demand a unique answer that has the strength to build a temple in the minds of your potential customers.

Happy building,

— Joe